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Manufacturing/Quality Assurance

Policies and Procedures

Customer Specification Controls

Drawings used by Technical Machine Components Inspection will be clearly legible and reflect revision level stated on customers Purchase Order.

At final inspection, all customer documentation will be checked for E.C.N., matching revision levels, quantity and Certificates of Compliance as required.

In process and final inspection reports will be filed by Quality Assurance referencing customer part number, purchase order number, drawing revision level and any other customer inspection reports that may follow.

Customer blueprint will be filed in general office area, referencing part number and purchase order number.

Material Control

All Materials supplied by the customer will be clearly labeled as such, with customer part number, purchase order number and type of material. Such material will be held in a bonded area, if required by the customer.

All material ordered by Technical Machine Components will be identified as received as to type, customer, customer part number and purchase order number.

Material C of A, to be labeled with customer part number, purchase order number and date, then placed in general files.

Measuring Instruments and Test Equipment

Technical Machine Components shall maintain a calibration system in accordance with ANSI/NCSL Z540.

Quality Assurance

Quality control shall be functionally seperated from production.

Quality Control clearly has the ability to withhold any items from shipment that have not met accepted quality standards or customer specifications.

Inspection shall be performed and maintained in accordance with MIL Standard MIL-I-45208.